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YeeScan’s Remote Ordering

YeeScan’s Remote Ordering Smartphones aren’t just luxury anymore, but a necessity. Yeee Scan taps into that needs to make life easier for both restaurants, and customers! Your customers can now order food away from the restaurant, and have it ready when they get there. Instead of ordering takeaways over the phone, they can order via […]

YeeScan’s Mobile Menu

YeeScan can upgrade and add value to restaurants’ ordering system without hampering existing processes. YeeScan allows for customers to do advance menu viewing and ordering. With simple QR code scanning, waiting staff can take orders within seconds. No need to wait for staff to hand out menus and no need for customers to wait in […]

YeeScan QR code reader

YeeScan is an ad-free QR code and barcode reader developed by Doozone from Australia. It has all the tools you need from a QR code scanner because it can scan any QR code format, save, share and a lot more! It’s lightning fast and can easily recognize QR codes or barcodes as soon as the phone’s camera is […]

Enter a whole new level of online marketing

YEESCAN’S POWER POSTER™ AND SNAP DISCUSS™ YeeScan has come up with new powerful features that can help sellers and service providers communicate with their target market — Power Poster™ and Snap Discuss™. Power  Poster helps sellers and service providers create a flyer or a poster with a unique QR code that contains information about the seller and the product. Snap Discuss is a built-in chat […]

YeeScan Backend System

You can manage your restaurant’s backend processes as well using YeeScan app. Watch how you can increase your staff productivity; and consume less time doing the paperworks and more time managing the floor. The backend system features fully customizable reporting and order management — all done real-time.

YeeScan – A new leader in restaurant marketing

YEESCAN – INNOVATING RESTAURANT MARKETING Restaurant marketing proves to be a difficult place for restaurateurs to overcome, but by understanding common challenges, owners can develop stratagems to increase chances of success. YeeScan was developed with these challenges in mind to help entrepreneurs expand their horizons in the digital world. The most sought after feature of YeeScan is the menu viewing and ordering platform […]