YEESURVEY – Free Survey Maker

YeeScan has added a survey generator that will make your restaurant or café more profitable. YeeSurvey, a free survey maker, has been developed to measure customer satisfaction for your business so you can make adjustments on your products and operations.

YeeScan is a comprehensive survey generator that lets you gives you a full customization of survey types and questions. You can use a 5 or 10-point questionnaire, multiple choice, free text, etc depending on your business needs. The survey becomes visible to your customers via YeeScan the moment you activate it and the results are real-time as well. You can immediately see which survey items you need to prioritize depending on the results.

YeeSurvey is already integrated with the app, no need to ask customers to go to a website or send them an email with the survey link. The addition of our free survey maker elevates YeeScan’s status as an all-in-one business solution.

 The Need for Customer Surveys 

All businesses believe in the old saying “the customer is always right” and this is a philosophy that still stands true especially from a customer’s perspective.

Customer satisfaction should be part of your priorities especially if the demand for menu that you have is the same as the others. Customer satisfaction will play a big role in making a difference for your restaurant as long as you can make compromises to what your customers are asking for.

Check out why surveys are as important as the other aspects of your restaurant operations.

Online reviews 

One of  the biggest benefits of using free survey maker is mitigating online reviews on social media and different websites. Online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor,  Yelp and Zomato are venues where customers come to unleash frustrations with bad customer service or food. But if you can give customers a way to express their sentiments anonymously before they leave your establishment, they will be less likely to bash you in social media. Plus, they will get a feeling that you care about what customers think and that they being heard.

Honest Evaluations

We all know that you won’t get honest answers when you directly ask your customers about your food or service. Customers are always modest with their answers even if they waited 20 minutes to get their order taken or if the soup is bland or too salty. But if you can get your customers to answer a brief survey while their experience is still fresh, they will more likely give you an honest feedback whether positive or negative. These feedback will be your basis if there’s a need to change menui or aspects of your operations.

Quality Control

One of the best advice that you can get to overtake your competition is to find all weaknesses in your restaurant and root them out. However, not all weaknesses are visible to you or your staff. Even if you employ a system to measure your staff’s performance and no matter how good your team is, there are issues that only your customers will notice. Customers can tell you these things through surveys and this will surely put your business ahead of the game.

Customer Contact Details

Aside from getting feedback from customers, you can also collect contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses for further marketing promotion. You can always ask the customers for these information at the end of the survey.


You can strategize your marketing and sales through surveys by offering promotions or discounts to get the customers to participate and complete the survey. You can use surveys to offer loyalty programs such as discounts or freebies to ensure that they will come back to your restaurant.

The goal of a survey is to find out what aspects of your business needs improvement and to make the customers feel that their voice is important to you. Follow up on the critical feedback is essential to customer experience. Remember, repeat customers, direct referrals and social media presence is what makes a business thrive in a competitive environment.

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