YeeScan – A new leader in restaurant marketing


Restaurant marketing proves to be a difficult place for restaurateurs to overcome, but by understanding common challenges, owners can develop stratagems to increase chances of success. YeeScan was developed with these challenges in mind to help entrepreneurs expand their horizons in the digital world.

The most sought after feature of YeeScan is the menu viewing and ordering platform for restaurants. It makes use of QR codes as a way to engage customers with a restaurant. These features don’t rely solely on the app because the company has invested in a sleek but powerful backend system to support these features. YeeScan stays on top of technology trends because of the QR code integration.

A well established competition poses a threat to a small to medium-sized restaurant’s survivability because of the branding, well-maintained promotion, regular staff, efficient internal processes for managing the restaurant and revenue stability. So how can YeeScan help with these challenges?


YeeScan can help with branding by leveraging social media for promotion. One of the features that the app has is the sharing functionality with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, Shareit, bluetooth, etc. This feature magnifies the reach of your restaurant and menu by extending your promotion to extensive networks composed of families and friends up to the third degree.

Almost everyone is hooked to social media and your best way to attract more customers is through social media. Imagine one happy customer sharing your menu on Facebook. Imagine that customer has at least 1000 friends and the post is seen by 100 friends and out that, 10 friends would like to go to your restaurant. That’s 10 new additional customers. Imagine at least 2 of those customers share your menu. Do the math. But of course, restaurateurs need to maintain a certain level of cuisine quality and customer service for this to work. This is how you create a loyal customer who would not only share experiences by word of mouth but through social media as well.

Restaurant owners won’t need to spend top dollars for web hosting and hiring developers to create and manage the site specially if the menu needs to be updated. Social media managers aren’t necessary as well as the promotion works for itself.


Most restaurants deal with staff who come and go mostly because of the salary received from either short shifts (part time job per service for lunch and dinner only) or back breaking shift for busy restaurants. YeeScan helps solve this challenge by placing an efficient way to take the order from the customer and send it to the cashier and kitchen.

With YeeScan’s menu viewing feature, a unique QR code for your shop will be provided to you and all you have to do is post it anywhere online or inside/outside of your store. Free flyers will be generated as well and you can distribute them anywhere you want. Once customers scan your QR code, they can enjoy the services you picked from a pool of Lean Services we offer. In this case, Menu viewing and Ordering. Customers can choose what to order before they even come to the restaurant.

Walk-in diners can use YeeScan as well to scan the QR code on tables and use it to order, thus, reducing the wait time and order taking by average of 10 minutes.

A QR code is generated once the customer has finalized his order through the app and this QR code can be scanned by a staff to produce reproduce the order in his/her mobile device for amendment and confirmation. The order will be wirelessly sent to a printer which will print two sheets, one for the cashier and one for the kitchen (current version). This process can increase a restaurant’s service turns due to efficiency.


Smart Queuing® is another Lean Service we offer through YeeScan. It offers innovated way for busy restaurants to handle customer queues.  So no more peeling off numbers off a piece of paper.


Increased service turns and repeat customers due to faster customer engagement and better customer experience always equate to increased revenue.