Power Poster and SnapDiscuss

YeeScan has come up with new powerful features that can help sellers and service providers communicate with their target market — Power Poster™ and Snap Discuss™. Power  Poster helps sellers and service providers create a flyer or a poster with a unique QR code that contains information about the seller and the product. Snap Discuss is a built-in chat tool that allows communication between the seller and potential buyer.  


Power Poster is a free service offered by YeeScan for sellers and service providers to promote their product or services. A unique QR code for the product or service is provided and buyers or customers only need to scan the QR code to get more information about the seller. It can contain the seller’s identity and contact information.  

Posters provide an effective and cost-effective way to reach your target market. When placed correctly, Power Poster™ can catch the interest of the people and make them aware of your product or service. This can have a lingering effect on the minds of your target market and create advantages for individual sellers and service provider looking to have their products or trade noticed. Here are the reasons why you need YeeScan’s Power Poster™.  


Creating a poster involves a writer, graphic designer, editor and any colored printer but with YeeScan’s Power Poster, it’s a DIY process that even grade schoolers can do and the best part is you won’t have to spend a lot for it. However, you have to be mindful of local laws regarding poster displays. 


People who are read posters sometimes because they are bored but that means that they are also engaged with their surroundings. Whether walking down the park, in an alley, bus stop or in schools, an ingenious poster will always encourage people to respond as soon as they see it. Paired with Snap Discuss, Power Poster will allow viewers to contact the seller using YeeScan quickly and anonymously.  


You can strategically place your Power Poster to increase awareness and visibility in that area. You can bombard people with images by lining up the same posters in a row which is quite common for promotions. This will ensure that the images and content will stick to their minds longer.   


One of the bigger advantages of using Power Poster is that you can put them virtually anywhere as long as the law allows. You can get the attention exactly the people you would like to appeal to. You can put them in strategic locations to increase the chances of getting positive responses. Example, car sellers can put up Power Poster in bus or train stations to encourage potential buyers to buy a car instead of commuting. 


 Power Poster has built in insight feature which allows the sellers to know the number of times their poster has been scanned and where. This is an effective way of knowing how many potential buyers are out there and where the poster is frequently scanned. The seller can then focus on maintaining the poster locations to get a better number of audience.   


Power Poster isn’t limited to printed materials only. You can post the unique QR code or the poster itself online on ANY social media platforms, forums or buy and sell websites. This ensures that ad placement is maximized especially that social media platforms can utilize sharing capability. 


Customers or potential buyers can immediately contact the seller and chat with them after scanning the unique QR code. Here are the top reasons why Snap Discuss is best paired with Power Poster.  


Potential buyers can ask questions or transact with the seller without revealing any information yet. If the transaction needs to be formally concluded, the buyer can then provide his/her contact information to the seller to close the sale. Chat transcripts aren’t saved as well to protect both parties’ anonymity. Of course, nuisance or bogus buyers can always be blocked from the chat. 


YeeScan users can chat the seller without the hassle of registering and activating an account. This encourages buyers to contact the seller right away since there are no annoying email verifications before a contact can be made.